"Training with Steve at Charles River Fitness keeps me physically and mentally balanced. I have been training with Steve twice a week for six years and the results keep coming. Slowly over time I have lost 25 pounds and 5 inches from my waist. Mentally, I feel more energetic and positive. It's quite a payoff for my two-hour-per-week commitment."

-- Mike, Weston, MA

"I started working out with Steve in 2007 and am addicted. As a 50-something woman who works long hours, going to a standard gym was not working. I just didn't go. I need the accountability of a trainer. Now, I look forward to my workouts with Steve, and always leave feeling so much better than walking in. I am stronger and healthier and more coordinated. Steve is different than any other personal trainer I have ever experienced. The only bad part of training with Steve is he ruins you for any other trainer. So, Steve, you better never retire."

-- Vanessa, Weston, MA

"I absolutely enjoy working out with Steve. Because of him I can do many things that I wasn’t able to do because of back pain. He’s made my back very strong through different workout routines. More importantly, I feel great overall. I’ve become more flexible and stronger. I went through many gyms, trainers, and physical therapist and they all are great, but I was looking for someone who could understand my issues, work with them, and make them disappear. Plus, Steve is fun to work with!"

-- Neha, Waltham, MA