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When it comes to your golf game, there's one unavoidable truth: You can only swing the club as well as your body will allow you to swing the club.

The golf swing may be one of the most complex movements in all of sports. Just about every muscle and joint in the body is called into play -- in a very specific sequence -- to send the ball from the tee to the fairway and from the fairway to the green. Any disfunction in this sequence will send your ball hooking, slicing, into the woods, into the bunker, onto the wrong fairway, etc. You may be able to get along in your day-to-day life with muscular tightness, weakness, or imbalances, but they're quickly exposed out on the course. And if the ball isn't going where you want it to, you're not shooting your best scores, you're not having a whole lot of fun, and you're potentially setting yourself up for injury.

How do I know this?

I've been writing about golf fitness and helping clients play their best golf for almost fifteen years. Fix Your Body, Fix Your Swing, written with legendary golf fitness expert Joey Diovisalvi, was a ground-breaking book in the field of golf strength, conditioning, and biomechanics. It forever changed the way folks looked at fitness in the sport. The recently released Hang the Banner -- a #1 Best-Seller on Amazon! -- goes even deeper. Written with Diovisalvi and Kolby Tullier, it's a joint-by-joint analysis of the golf swing that lets readers understand exactly how the body has to work from address to follow-through. (For more about Hang the Banner, check out!)


Again, you can only play as well as your body will allow you to play. By assessing -- in a very golf specific way -- what your body can and can't do, we're able to discover -- and then correct -- the things that are preventing you from playing at an optimal level. And once those issues have been addressed, you'll find more distance and accuracy off the tee and more control and stability with your irons -- regardless of whether you're dealing with an uphill lie, downhill lie, or any other evil challenge that the Golf Gods may throw at you.

When you're ready to play the best golf of your life -- and have a lot of fun doing it -- you're only a phone call or email away!


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With friend and co-author Coach Joey D