Sport-Specific Training

It doesn't matter what sport you play; you're only going to perform as well as your body will allow you to. Every sport requires the body to perform specific movement patterns that demand a lot of different body parts to work together in harmony in a very specific timing sequence. If there's a breakdown in that chain of events, there's a breakdown in your game. It's easy to blame your nine-iron, tennis racket, or footwear when things go wrong. But, for the most part, it's the body that's swinging that club or racket and wearing those shoes that's to blame.

By understanding the required movement patterns of your sport, you can begin to assess where your body may not be optimally tuned to perform those movements. Once you discover where  your body is too tight, too weak, unstable, or out of balance, you can begin to address the specific issues that are keeping you from playing your best. Charles River Fitness specializes in laser-focusing your training on the issues that really matter in order to optimize your body for the sport you love.