Personal Training

When it comes to our bodies, we all have goals. For some, it's weight loss. For others, it's weight gain. For some, it's about being able to go through the day pain-free. And for others, it's about looking stunning in whatever they wear. Whatever your goals, you need a workout program that's intelligently designed to help you reach them.

Most people give up on their workout programs for one of two reasons: either they've become bored out of their minds from the repetitiveness and the lack of tangible results…or they get injured.

The Art of Fitness

Boredom is the result of a program that isn't challenging enough. Exercises that were originally exciting and different have become stale and old. Your body adapts to the movements, fitness levels stop progressing, and you become bored of the workouts and disillusioned by the lack of measurable improvements. The key to keeping a program challenging and motivating is to have it change as your body changes.


The Science of Fitness

Injuries occur when not enough thought has been given to the pre-existing conditions someone may have or when there hasn't been enough care, experience, and guidance to intelligently determine appropriate difficulty levels. We're all different. A workout that might be perfectly appropriate for one person may be dangerously inappropriate for another. The key to keeping a program injury-free is to understand physiology, anatomy, and biomechanics and to respect the limits of an individual and his or her body.

You're not the same as anyone else, so why should you be doing the same workout as anyone else? At Charles River Fitness, programs are designed based on your own individual body's issues, history, and capability. You won't be doing the same thing as everyone else. Generic, cookie-cutter workouts aren't nearly as effective -- or as safe -- as one that's tailored specifically for you.